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The handy Polar panel

Polar is the first company in the world to fit all of its caravans with a 7-inch touchscreen. Along with a DAB FM radio, the The Polar Panel has built-in bluetooth where you can stream music. The software in the panel is constantly updated, just like the apps on your phone. The Polar Panel makes caravan living and ownership easier. For example, your authorised Polar workshop can apply updates to all electronically controlled components in the caravan online – the same method that Tesla uses to make regular updates and improvements to its cars.

Instructions for Polar's electrical system, 2020 model

Polar keeps you up to date

With the Polar Connect app, you can connect the caravan to your mobile and control various functions remotely. An excellent solution when you want to switch on the heating from the lift queue or check the battery from home. It takes just a few minutes to get started with the remote control. Start by downloading the app, then follow the instructions in the app itself.

With Polar Connect, you can control the heating, the fridge and the lighting, for example. You can also check the status of the caravan, see whether it is moving and switch on the alarm. Communication with the caravan is mainly via a built-in SIM card which is activated automatically when you create your account in the app. You can download the Polar Connect app for both iOS and Android.

For the connection to Polar Connect to work well, you need good mobile coverage. In areas where the mobile masts are a long way apart, or where mountains and valleys cause white spots, you may have problems connecting. As a caravan maker, Polar cannot take responsibility for mobile coverage, only for the hardware and software in Polar Connect.

If you own an older polar caravan (pre-2019)

Even if you own an older caravan, you can communicate with it electronically via Mobile Multi Control. We have collected connection instructions for older Polar caravans below.


Here you find instructions for how to update bluetooth in the Polar panel.

Click here to download instructions

Click here to download the update file

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Genuine craftsmanship is always modern

Polar has been manufacturing caravans since 1964 and you can see the broad and deep experience in every detail. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is carefully thought out. The wagons are mostly built by hand in Dorotea in northern Sweden, where the factory has its own carpentry. Because the interior is also built on site, Polar has full control over the production and can guarantee the best caravans on the market.

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One and the same Master Builder assembles the entire interior of your carriage - a guarantee of quality.

The materials are carefully selected and preferably as local as possible.