Reassurance for caravan owners

One day in the early history of Polar, a customer was stuck by the roadside with his caravan and needed assistance in order to continue his journey. Polar’s founders, Bertil and Håkan, got on the next plane with the right spare part and went straight to the customer to fix the problem. This sort of quick, effective and committed service has always been vital to us at Polar. We are part of the largest service network in the Nordic region, and have the best stock of spare parts in Europe. This is reassuring for you as an owner.


As the owner of a new Polar, you always have a 2-year new vehicle warranty and a 7-year water-tightness guarantee. The warranties may differ between countries. You can obtain the full terms and conditions from an authorised Polar dealer.

Authorised service workshops

The staff in Polar’s authorised workshops receive regular training and keep up with the latest innovations and new functions. To preserve your warranty, you need to book an annual inspection with one of them. With the right service at the right time, your Polar caravan will keep going for a long time.

Spare parts

Polar caravans are known for their longevity. As many as 80% of all Polar caravans ever made are still on the road. So there is an unusually plentiful supply of spare parts. The oldest spare parts are now from 1977.

ISO standard

ISO 9001:2015 means that production, sales and after-market processes are quality-assured according to ISO standards. This is entirely in line with Polar’s views on quality and service, which have been in place ever since we started up in 1964.

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Genuine craftsmanship is always modern

Polar has been manufacturing caravans since 1964 and you can see the broad and deep experience in every detail. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is carefully thought out. The wagons are mostly built by hand in Dorotea in northern Sweden, where the factory has its own carpentry. Because the interior is also built on site, Polar has full control over the production and can guarantee the best caravans on the market.

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One and the same Master Builder assembles the entire interior of your carriage - a guarantee of quality.

The materials are carefully selected and preferably as local as possible.