Norrland soul

Our Norrland heritage is part of Polar’s DNA. In the cold and the harsh climate, you cannot do things by halves. Materials have to withstand prolonged freezing temperatures, and vehicles have to cope with endless roads covered with snow and slush. Every finished caravan is subjected to a thorough quality test before it goes to the buyer, and carries a 7-year water-tightness guarantee. That’s why the caravans from Dorotea proudly display the words “Made in Norrland”.

Genuine craftsmanship never goes out of style

Polar har tillverkat husvagnar sen 1964 och mycket har utvecklats genom åren. En sak som däremot varit oförändrat sedan starten är hantverket, för äkta hantverk är detsamma som gedigen kvalitet. Och att det finns en bred och djup erfarenhet inom företaget kan du se i varje enskild detalj. Ingenting är lämnat åt slumpen. Allt är noga genomtänkt. Vagnarna byggs till största delen för hand i norrländska Dorotea där fabriken finns med eget snickeri. Genom att även inredningen byggs på plats har Polar full kontroll över tillverkningen och kan garantera marknadens bästa husvagnar.

Every caravan is exposed to wind and weather in the climate chamber

Polar caravans are famous for being hard-wearing and long-lasting. And of course that is no accident. Every caravan undergoes water-tightness testing in the factory’s climate chamber. There it is exposed to 36,000 litres of water and gale-force winds for an hour. During this time, an inspector takes humidity measurements inside the caravan and ensures that all quality requirements are met. So when you take delivery of your Polar caravan, you know it will stand up to whatever weather conditions come its way.

Constant improvement

The people who work at Polar spend a lot of time in caravans and are constantly thinking about what could be made better. Together with our customers, we look at what could be improved, simplified or refined. Examples of innovations we have made over the years are new floor plans with a children’s room and fold-away bunk beds, Polar’s proprietary construction and insulation methods, and integrated mosquito nets in every window.

The polar panel

Centrally positioned panel with built-in DAB FM radio and Bluetooth to control many of the functions in the caravan, including the heating, the fridge and the lighting. Can be connected to the Polar Connect app for remote control.

Unbeatable performance on the road

Polar caravans have the most rigid bodywork on the market, ensuring secure road-holding all year round and on all kinds of road surface. Handling is excellent both on curves and on rutted roads. One reason for this is that the plywood floor is fitted with special reinforcing panels. Thanks to additional reinforcing beams, the load is distributed across the chassis and bodywork, meaning the caravan can withstand a greater load for a longer period.

The thickest insulation on the market

Polar’s unique construction and insulation methods make the caravans fantastically water-tight. Polar caravans have the thickest wall and floor insulation on the market – up to 44 mm EPS. The insulation keeps the cold, heat and noise outside the caravan and, combined with the well-designed ventilation system, provides the owner with unbeatable comfort inside.

Unique certificate

Polar does not use standard certificates; rather, every new caravan is individually weighed and issued with a certificate showing its own unique kerb weight.

Durable fibreguard

The inviting, practical and comfortable cushions in Polar’s caravans are made in Sweden and upholstered in FibreGuard. The fabric is not given a surface treatment, but the fibres are woven in a unique way that makes it robust and hard-wearing. Perfect for young families and dog-owners. This technology is environmentally certified in accordance with OEKO TEX’s Standard 100.

7-Year water-tightness guarantee

Thanks to the way in which the bodywork, the overlapping panels and sealing strips are manufactured, Polar caravans are renowned for their excellent moisture resistance and are sold with a 7-year water-tightness guarantee.

Heated shoe compartment

After an active day out, it’s great to be able to put your walking or ski boots in the heated shoe compartment to dry. A much appreciated feature.

Practical extractor fan

An extractor fan and a stove with four rings are supplied as standard in all Polar caravans. Optional add-ons include an induction hob and gas oven.

Water pipes on the inside

Locating all water pipes and drains inside the caravan prevents them from freezing and enables them to be emptied at any time. A heated drain is supplied as standard in all Polar caravans.

60 years of experience

Polar will soon have been building caravans for 60 years. The breadth and depth of knowledge is being passed on to successive generations of master craftsmen. There is both heart and soul at the factory in Dorotea, where we come up with new innovative solutions and improvements and develop new models. All our interior fittings are also made from scratch in our own carpentry workshop

Hydronic underfloor heating

All Polar caravans have a ball valve for efficient heat distribution across the entire floor. The system has been adapted for each model of caravan and floor plan and uses efficient aluminium plates that distribute the heat evenly. The central heating boiler is an Alde Compact 3020 HE.

Tested in a climate chamber

Every caravan undergoes water-tightness testing in the factory’s climate chamber. There it is exposed to 36,000 litres of water and gale-force winds for an hour. During this time, an inspector takes humidity measurements inside the caravan and ensures that all quality requirements are met.

First in the world

Staying a step ahead is a big driver for us at Polar. This is a culture that runs through the whole company. Over the years, Polar has often been first onto the market with innovations and improved standards such as:

  • Leak indicator for gas
  • Wider caravans to allow for alternative floor plans.
  • Heating system and double-glazing as standard.
  • Individual weighing of every caravan to determine the exact kerb weight (which could save the driver’s licence at weight checks).

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Genuine craftsmanship is always modern

Polar has been manufacturing caravans since 1964 and you can see the broad and deep experience in every detail. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is carefully thought out. The wagons are mostly built by hand in Dorotea in northern Sweden, where the factory has its own carpentry. Because the interior is also built on site, Polar has full control over the production and can guarantee the best caravans on the market.

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