When you are looking to fit out your new caravan, you have three different equipment series to choose from: Original, Selected and Customized. The difference is in the level of equipment and the number of optional add-ons. Even the basic equipment in a Polar caravan is at a level that would be an option from other manufacturers. This is to ensure that Polar caravans can be used all year round in the Nordic climate. So whichever caravan you choose, the famous Polar quality is guaranteed.



Here is everything you need and more besides. Compared to other caravans, Polar’s basic model is really well-equipped. Many things that are included in Original are options at other manufacturers. To take it up to another level, you can also add the comfort package or the design package.

This is included in Original

Selected is the series for the person who wants a little more. The equipment is carefully chosen and includes extra comfy mattress toppers, a bigger fridge, better sound system and mood lighting. For gold standard caravan living

This is included in Selected

This is Polar’s most luxurious series, with the best of everything. All fittings and equipment are of exclusive design and superb quality. It also has climate control, a central vacuum cleaner and lighting in all cupboards and hatches, to mention just a few things. Customized has its own unique look with black design elements.

This is included in Customized


The Polar panel

Built-in DAB FM radio and Bluetooth to control many of the functions in the caravan. Can be connected to the Polar Connect app.

Awning service outlet

All caravans have an awning service outlet on the outside. This comprises two 230 V and 12 V sockets and an outlet cable for a TV aerial and cable TV.

USB socket

There are USB sockets above beds and sofa groups to make it easy to recharge mobiles, airpods and tablets.

Practical extractor fan

An extractor fan and a stove with four rings are supplied as standard in all Polar caravans.

A good night’s sleep

Polar’s mattresses with internal springs are among the thickest on the market. They are made in Sweden to Polar’s own unique design.

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Genuine craftsmanship is always modern

Polar has been manufacturing caravans since 1964 and you can see the broad and deep experience in every detail. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is carefully thought out. The wagons are mostly built by hand in Dorotea in northern Sweden, where the factory has its own carpentry. Because the interior is also built on site, Polar has full control over the production and can guarantee the best caravans on the market.

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One and the same Master Builder assembles the entire interior of your carriage - a guarantee of quality.

The materials are carefully selected and preferably as local as possible.