Where the climate is harsh and the roads are long, that’s where we build our caravans.


Always in style

Travel with Polar to the places you've always longed to go or let curiosity guide you towards the new. Together we create long lasting memories and amazing experiences. Welcome to find the caravan that will be your new holiday luxury, your second home and safe partner on the road.

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Start by choosing the size of caravan. When you have found your favourite and chosen a floor plan, you choose the equipment you want and finally the colours of the fabrics, carpet and splashguard.

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Polar has authorized dealers around the Nordic region as well as in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. See who is closest to you.
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Genuine craftsmanship is always modern

Polar has been manufacturing caravans since 1964 and you can see the broad and deep experience in every detail. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is carefully thought out. The wagons are mostly built by hand in Dorotea in northern Sweden, where the factory has its own carpentry. Because the interior is also built on site, Polar has full control over the production and can guarantee the best caravans on the market.

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One and the same Master Builder assembles the entire interior of your carriage - a guarantee of quality.

The materials are carefully selected and preferably as local as possible.