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SoliferPolar AB works for your privacy to be protected when you use our services. We have therefore developed a policy for how your personal information is processed and protected.


SoliferPolar AB is responsible for your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Your personal data is stored with us and used in SoliferPolar.

Personal data handling at purchase and orders

How do we use your personal information?

We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • – To determine your identity
  • – Create and manage your account
  • – Purchase History
  • – Payment History
  • – Process your orders and returns
  • – Contact you with delivery message or if a problem arises when delivering your products.
  • – Answer your questions via email or via customer service
  • Analysis and segmentation for targeted campaigns
  • – Outputting general information and targeted messages
  • – Inform about events / events
  • – Invite to event / event
  • Send questionnaires that allow you to influence our offers and services
  • – Test and improve our systems, provide services
  • – Prevent fraud or abuse of our services
  • – To participate in our competitions

In order to handle order / purchase, we need to carry out the following:

– Delivery (including notification and contact regarding delivery).

– Identification and age control.

– Payment handling (including analysis of possible payment solutions, which may include a check against payment history and credit reporting from credit reporting companies).

– Handling of complaint and warranty matters

Categories of personal data handled to accomplish this:

– Name.

– Personal identification number.

– Contact details (eg address, e-mail and telephone number).

– Payment History.

– Payment information.

– Credit reports from credit reporting companies.

– Purchase information (eg which item has been ordered or if the item is to be delivered to another address).

– User information for ÅF pages (Dealers only)

Legal basis: Completion of purchase agreement. This collection of your personal information is required in order to fulfill our obligations under the purchase agreement. If the information is not provided, our commitments cannot be fulfilled and we are therefore forced to refuse your purchase.

In order to handle customer service issues, we need to implement the following:

– Communication and response of any questions to customer service (via telephone or in digital channels, including social media).

– Identification.

– Examination of possible complaints and support cases (including technical support).

Categories of personal data handled to accomplish this:

– Name.

– Personal identification number.

– Contact details (eg address, e-mail and telephone number).

– Your correspondence.

– Details of purchase date, place of purchase, possible error / complaint.

– Technical details of your equipment.

– Health data (eg allergic reactions and health conditions you inform us).

– User information for ÅF pages (Retailers only).

Legal basis: legitimate interest. The processing is necessary to meet our and your legitimate interest in handling customer service matters.

Storage period: Until the customer service has been completed.

In order to prevent abuse of a service or to prevent, prevent and investigate criminal offenses, we need to carry out the following:

– Prevention and investigation of possible fraud or other offenses (eg incident reporting in the shop).

– Prevent spam, phishing, harassment, unauthorized login to user accounts, or any other prohibited by law or our terms of purchase, membership or service.

– Protection and improvement of our IT environment against attacks and intrusion

Categories of personal data handled to accomplish this:

– Personal identification number.

– Buy and user generated data (eg, click and visit history).

– Technical data relating to devices used and its settings (eg language setting,

– IP address, browser settings, time zone, operating system, screen resolution and platform).

– Information on how our digital services are used.

Legal basis: Completion of legal obligation (if any) or justified interest. If no legal obligation exists, treatment is necessary to meet our legitimate interest in preventing abuse of a service or preventing, preventing and investigating violations of the company.


From what sources do we retrieve your personal information?

In addition to the information you provide to us or we collect from you based on your purchases and how you use our services, we may also collect personal data from someone else (such as third parties). The information we collect from third parties is as follows:

1) Addresses from public records to be sure we have the correct address details for you.

2) Credit rating data from credit rating agencies, banks or disclosure companies.

Who can we share your personal information with?

Personal Data Assistants. In cases where it is necessary for us to offer our services, we share your personal data with companies that are so-called. personal information assistants for us. A personal information officer is a company that processes the information on our behalf and according to our instructions. We have personal information assistants who help us with:

1) Transport (logistics companies and freight forwarders).

2) Payment solutions (short-term companies, banks and other payment service providers).

3) Marketing (print and distribution, social media, media agencies or advertising agencies).

4) IT services (companies that handle necessary operations, technical support and maintenance of our IT solutions).

When your personal information is shared with Personal Data Counseling, it is only for purposes that are consistent with the purposes for which we have collected the information (for example, to fulfill our obligations under the Purchase Agreement or the Loyalty Program Membership Terms). We check all Personal Data Counselors to ensure that they can provide sufficient safeguards regarding the security and confidentiality of personal data. We have written agreements with all personal information officers through which they guarantee the security of the personal data processed and undertake to comply with our security requirements as well as restrictions and requirements regarding the international transfer of personal data. Companies that are independent personally responsible. We also share your personal information with some companies that are independent personal data administrators. The fact that the company is an independent personally responsible means that we are not controlling how the information submitted to the company will be treated. Independent personal data officers with whom we share your personal information are:

1) Government agencies (police, tax authorities or other authorities) if we are required to do so by law or in suspicion of crime.

2) Companies dealing with general freight transport (logistics companies and freight forwarders).

3) Businesses offering payment solutions (card-insolvent companies, banks and other payment service providers). When your personal information is shared with a company that is an independent personally responsible person, it applies to the company’s privacy policy and personal data management.

What rights do you have as registered?

Right to access (so-called register extract). We are always transparent and transparent about how we treat your personal information and if you want a deeper insight into what personal data we are dealing with, you may request access to the information (the information is provided in the form of a registry drawing indicating purpose, categories of personal data, categories of recipients, storage periods, information about where the information has been collected and the existence of automated decision making). Please note that if we receive a request for access, we may ask for additional information to ensure the effective handling of your request and that the information is provided to the correct person. Right to rectification. You may request that your personal information be corrected if the information is incorrect. Within the stated purpose, you also have the right to supplement any incomplete personal data. Keep in mind that you who are members of SoliferPolar retail pages can change certain tasks directly through My Pages. Right to erasure. You may request the deletion of personal data we are processing about you if: The information is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or processed. You oppose an interest weighing we have made based on legitimate interest and your objection is heavier than our legitimate interest. You oppose processing for direct marketing purposes. Personal data is processed illegally. Personal data must be erased to comply with a legal obligation we are subject to. Personal data have been collected for a child (under 13 years) for which you have parental responsibility and collection has been made in connection with the provision of information society services (eg social media). Keep in mind that we may have the right to deny your request if there are legal obligations that prevent us from immediately deleting certain personal information.

These obligations derive from accounting and tax legislation, banking and money laundering legislation, but also from consumer law. It may also be possible that treatment is necessary for us to determine, enforce or defend legal claims. Should we be prevented from meeting a request for deletion, we will instead block personal data from being used for purposes other than the purpose that prevents the requested deletion. Right to restriction. You are entitled to request that our processing of your personal data be limited. If you disagree that the personal information we process is correct, you may request limited treatment 11. during the time we need to check whether your personal information is correct. If we no longer need your personal information for the stated purposes, but you need them to determine, enforce or defend legal claims, you may request limited processing of our data. This means that you can request that we do not delete your information. If you have objected to an interest-bearing interest of legitimate interest that we have made as a legal basis for an end, you may request limited treatment for the time we need to check whether our legitimate interests outweigh your interests in getting the data deleted. If the treatment has been limited in accordance with any of the above situations, we may, in addition to the actual storage, process the data to determine, enforce or defend legal claims, to protect someone else’s rights or if you have given your consent. Right to object to certain types of treatment. You are always entitled to avoid direct marketing and to object to all processing of personal data based on a balance of interest. Fair interest: In cases where we use an interest balance as a legal basis for an end, you have the opportunity to object to the treatment.För att kunna fortsätta behandla dina personuppgifter efter en sådan invändning behöver vi kunna visa ett tvingande berättigat skäl för den aktuella behandlingen som väger tyngre än dina intressen, rättigheter eller friheter.

Otherwise, we may only process the data to determine, exercise or defend legal claims. Direct Marketing (including analyzes performed for direct marketing purposes): You are able to object to your personal data being processed for direct marketing. The objection also includes the analysis of personal data (ie profiling) performed for direct marketing purposes. Direct marketing refers to all types of outreach promotional actions (eg by mail, email and text). Marketing actions where you as a customer actively chose to use one of our services or else sought us to know more about our services do not count as direct marketing (such as product recommendations or other features and offers on My Pages). If you oppose direct marketing, we will discontinue the processing of your personal data for that purpose and terminate any direct marketing action. Keep in mind that you are always able to influence which channels we will use for mailing and personal offers. For example. can you choose to receive only e-mail from us, but not text. In that case, you should not object to personal data processing as such but limit our communication channels (by changing the settings on My Pages or contacting customer service). Right to data portability. If our right to process your personal data is based either on your consent or performance of an agreement with you, you are entitled to request the data relating to you and which you have provided to us to another personally responsible person (ie data portability). A prerequisite for data portability is that the transmission is technically possible and can be automated.

How do we handle social security numbers?

We will only process your personal identification number when it is clearly motivated for the purpose, necessary for secure identification, or if there is any other reasonable reason.

How are your personal data protected?

We use IT systems to protect the privacy, privacy and access to personal data. We have taken special security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized or unauthorized treatment (such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction or damage). Only those persons who actually need to process your personal information to fulfill our stated purposes have access to them.

We may make changes to our privacy policy. The latest version of the privacy policy is always available on this site. For updates that are critical to our processing of personal data (such as change of specified purposes or categories of personal data) or updates that are not critical to the treatment but which may be of crucial importance to you, you will receive information on and by email (if you have e-mail) in good time before the updates start to apply. When we provide information about updates, we will also explain the meaning of the updates and how they affect you.

Do you have any further questions please contact us by email or phone.

What is your right as customer?

You are entitled to request information about the information we have about you. If your information is incorrect, inadequate or insignificant, you may request that the information be correct or deleted. You also have the right to receive a registry extract on your personal data once a year. If you would like this document, you can write to SoliferPolar’s customer service. You may at any time refuse your consent to use your information / information for marketing purposes. (eg directories, newsletters).

Contact us either in writing at SoliferPolar AB, Customer Service, 917 82 Dorotea, Phone 0942-52000 or by mail to

Who gets to know the data?

We never forward your information to third parties for marketing purposes outside of SoliferPolar. Information communicated to third parties may be to shippers in connection with shipment of goods to you and to meet the skylight of SoliferPolar against you. SoliferPolar may share your personal data with organizations such as credit reporting or debt collection companies for performing credit review, identity checks, credit rating surveillance and credit transfer.

How do we protect your information?

We have taken technical measures to protect your data against eg loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. We continuously adapt our security measures to ongoing technical developments.

To trade with cards

When purchasing with cards, we collaborate with an authorized payment broker to help us verify that the card is approved for purchase directly against your bank. Our payment broker manages your payment card information correctly in accordance with the international standard PCI DSS that the VISA, MasterCard, Diners, American Express and JCB card companies are behind. This means that your debit card details are handled securely. When you trade with a card, we reserve the right to make a personal check.

Your information is saved as long as it is required to perform our services. We will not remove your data / information when there is a legal storage requirement, such as the accounting law or when there is a legal basis for keeping data, e.g. an ongoing contractual relationship.

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