730 FDCXA Original


The favourite for long stays

This is the perfect caravan if you intend to keep it parked for some time, perhaps for a whole season in the mountains or on a summer camp site. The 730 has plenty of space for ski boots and winter clothes, or anything else you might need. The caravan really is a second home where you can live comfortably with well-proportioned spaces and creature comforts. Among the floor plans, you can choose a children’s room with bunk beds, for example, so the kids have a cosy little den to be in.


Technical data

  • Bed dimensions 195x144/122 cm
  • Seating area 160x225 cm
  • Childbed 189,1x79,1 cm
  • Dinett 187x85 cm
  • Length with drawbar 934 cm
  • Length outside 807 cm
  • Service weight (Including 20 l water) 1900–1930 kg
  • Total weight 2650–2650 kg*
  • Living space 17.4 m2
  • Beds 2-6
  • A-dimensions Tent 1186
  • Axle Boggie
  • Tire 195/65R15XL
  • Width outside 251 cm
  • Height outside 277 cm

The weight of the trolley in standard design excluding options. The weight includes fresh water 20 liters, 1 gas bottle, battery and mattresses (not elastic). Please note that these weights do not include gas stove, large refrigerator and air conditioning or other optional extras. When selecting 2000 kg as total weight, 205/75 R14C is used

* Including suitcase and taillight frame. Alternative total weights are available.

** With compact storage


Polar Original

Here is everything you need and more besides. Compared to other caravans, Polar’s basic model is really well-equipped. Many things that are included in Original are options at other manufacturers. To take it up to another level, you can also add the comfort package or the design package.

Equipment Original

Textile / bedroom
  • Bedspreads for C-bed/pcs
  • Curtains 2 pcs / package for C-beds.
  • Extra pillows 68 x 38/2 pcs (2 pcs, std)
  • Fabric storage pouches, C-beds 2 pcs
  • High corner cushions in seating group, front

Optional Original

Tables / countertops

  • Countertop in black laminate Toilet

  • Countertop in dark laminate fitted space for TV

  • Countertop kitchen dark laminate

  • Extension for table

  • Pillar stand

  • Table top dark laminate front group

  • Table top dinette group dark laminate

  • Table top in dark laminate dresser/window


  • Circulation pump 12 V extra in expansion vessel

  • Fire-extinguisher

  • Gas connector Alde Duocontrol with crash sensor connected to the panel including filters

  • Gas leak detector

  • Gas outlet in compartment

  • Gas outlet in compartment outside

  • Shoe drier in entrance wardrobe


  • Mosquito screen

  • Outer door with window


  • BQD/BQW - Extra window 700 x 300 rear - 3 pcs

  • Extra window 350 x 500 Bathroom

  • Q - Extra window 700 x 300 rear - 3 pcs door side

  • Q- Extra window 700 x 300 rear - 3 pcs window side

  • Tv-plats med dubbla fönster (endast BQD/BQW, gardiner ingår)


  • Central vacuum cleaner (mounted in bed drawer right-side front)

  • Choice of carpet

  • LED strip lights in rear windows

  • Mirror


  • Compressor refrigerator (Thetford)

  • Fridge/freezer, 170/31 litres

  • Gas oven

  • Gas stove 2 x 2 gas

  • Induction hob/Gas stove

  • Kitchen doors upper part white / lower part wood-colored

  • Kitchen doors wood colored "Mekong Teak"

  • Kitchen wall panel instead of the standard wallpaper

  • Microwave

Sound / picture / electricity

  • Charging booster (recommended when buying Mover)

  • Loading gauge

  • Polar Connect

  • Solar panel 100W including mounting kit and regulator

  • Sub-woofer

  • Väggfäste för TV med dubbelarm (levereras ej monterad)


  • Bunk bed instead of dinette (see attached location)

  • Fixed top bunk including mattress and ladder / pc (see enclosed location)

  • Fixed top bunk instead of dresser with window (only 680-, 730 BFWA)

  • Fold-up bed over dinette including mattress and ladder

  • Fold-up beds cabinets including mattress and ladder (see attached location)

  • TV shelf and glass cabinet instead of entrance closet

  • TV shelf with glass cabinet and wardrobe

Textile / bedroom

  • BQD/BQW electrically operated bed

  • Extra bed between S-beds

  • Extra pillows 40 x 40 cm (2)

  • Filling pad in front group

  • Leather cushions in front group

  • Leather cushions, dinette- and front group

  • Mattress to C-beds/st

  • Mix of panel curtains

  • Safety net for fixed top bunks and C-beds/pcs

  • Super De Luxe bäddmadrass (6 cm)

Laundry room / water

  • Combustion toilet "Cinderella" - only in the bathroom gable at the back

  • Drying cabinet / dresser instead of shower cubicle

  • Drying cabinet / wardrobe instead of shower cubicle

  • Drying rod in shower cabin

  • Plug for bypassing the drain tank

  • Toilet doors wood-colored "Mekong Teak"

  • Towel drier

  • Water tank 60 liters (std 40 liters)


  • ATC stabilization system

  • Bicycle stand front mounted

  • City water

  • Entrance handle

  • Loading hatch, rear including lighting

  • Mover boggi Truma XT4

  • Mover enkel Truma XT

  • Rear cargo hatch including lighting H + V (single beds)

  • Rims with black detailing

  • Shower mixer for external mounting

  • Tow hitch cover

Ventilation / sunroofs

  • Climate control (ACC)

  • Heki de Luxe 960 x 655 front isf Mini Heki 400x400

  • Midi Heki 500 x 700 front isf Mini Heki 400 x 400

  • Midi Heki skylight 500 x 700 rear (not available in all layouts)

  • Mini Heki rear 400 x 400

  • Omnivent skylight with white glass 400 x 400 rear

  • Ventilation door (s) per caravan - only at the foot end

Standard equipment


  • 4-ring stove with glass lid and electronic ignition
  • Cover for sink
  • Cutlery drawer
  • Electric extractor fan
  • Freezer compartment 14 liter
  • Glas cabinet with dark tinted plexi (not in all models)
  • Indirect lighting, underside of sink
  • Kitchen mixer
  • Soft Close i kökslådor
  • Stort pentry fönster
  • Thetford refrigerator 113 liters
  • Waste bins 2 pcs

Textile / bedroom

  • 230 V socket
  • 230 V socket on headboard
  • Bedspreads for C-beds (2)
  • Bedspreads to beds
  • Bet set to fold-up beds (mattress and ladder)
  • Curtains for bunk beds in C-caravans
  • Drawers under bunk bed in C-caravans
  • Fabric storage pouches for all C-caravans
  • Manually adjustable head ends
  • Manually adjustable head ends singel bed, 2 pcs
  • Mattress, 3 cm
  • Padded headboard
  • Pillows 68 x 38 cm (2)
  • Pocketresår madrasser
  • Skylight 280 x 280 Micro Heki
  • Slatted-base bed
  • Wardrobe lighting

Laundry room / water

  • 40 liters internal fresh water tank with external filling
  • 40 liters waste water tank with external emptying
  • Bathroom faucet
  • Electric swivel cassette toilet
  • Gauges in fresh water tank
  • Gauges in waste tank
  • Water heater


  • Gas leak test in compartment
  • Hammered metal in blue/white (Customized, polished metal in black/white)
  • Loading hatch with lighting and extendable bottom on door side
  • Sandwich construction walls and floors
  • The market's thickest insulation wall / ceiling 37 mm floor 44 mm
  • Uniform locking system with one key for all locks

Ventilation / sunroofs

  • Fully adjustable blinds in window
  • Fully adjustable mosquito screens on windows (not gable windows)
  • Fully adjustable windows (not gable window, fixed)
  • Lightly tinted windows
  • Openable skylight 400 x 400 Mini Heki with dim-out and mosquito net
  • Optimized ventilation with air gaps (60 years of experience)
  • Smooth outside on window
  • Ventilated window frames


  • 2000 kg chassis on single-axle caravans (Premium tires 14 ")
  • 2650 kg chassis on tandem axle trolleys (Premium tires 15 ")
  • Aluminium rims
  • Anti-roll bar friction clutch
  • Corner steadies
  • Corner steady crank handle
  • Extra longitudinal beam for more stable floors
  • Extra outriggers on longitudinal chassis beam for weight leveling
  • Fully galvanized steel profile chassis
  • More beams in the chassis for extra torsional rigidity
  • Sliding brake with automatic reversing
  • Splash guard on wheels


  • Awning lighting over front door
  • Awning service including 12V / 230V TV antenna in / out
  • Battery 75Ah
  • Battery charger 17 A
  • Battery tester
  • Bedside light with USB socket in lamp base
  • LED lighting in loading hatch and compartment
  • LED lighting, gas compartment
  • LED strip lights in windows, front
  • Residual current device
  • Skylight 280 x 280 Micro Heki
  • Trafikbelysning LED
  • Winter connection

Seating area

  • 230 V socket on window shelf
  • Curtains
  • Ergonomic seat cushions with high corner cushions from Svenska Dynor
  • Fitted space for TV including 230 v and antenna socket
  • Integrated USB socket in reading lamp socket
  • Loudspeaker, front (2)
  • Wipeable fabric in fiber-guard protective material


  • Elpatron 3 kW
  • Expansion vessel
  • Heated drain
  • Hydronic underfloor heating LPG 6.3 kW and electricity 3.0 kW
  • Hydronic underfloor heating with an adjustable circulation pump (Polar floor heating system)
  • Indoor and outdoor thermometers
  • Panna Alde compact 3020
  • Shoe drier in shoe compartment inside front door


  • 2-year new vehicle warranty
  • 7-year water-tightness guarantee
  • Weight certificate including equipment included in all caravans

Polar 730 FDCXA also available in the lines


Selected is the series for the person who wants a little more. The equipment is carefully chosen and includes extra comfy mattress toppers, a bigger fridge, better sound system and mood lighting. For gold standard caravan living

This is included in Selected

This is Polar’s most luxurious series, with the best of everything. All fittings and equipment are of exclusive design and superb quality. It also has climate control, a central vacuum cleaner and lighting in all cupboards and hatches, to mention just a few things. Customized has its own unique look with black design elements.

This is included in Customized

Other floor plans Polar 730

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200x140 cm (elsäng)

188/160x225 cm

730 BFDC

195x144/122 cm

188/132x225 cm

188/132x225 cm

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Polar has been manufacturing caravans since 1964 and you can see the broad and deep experience in every detail. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is carefully thought out. The wagons are mostly built by hand in Dorotea in northern Sweden, where the factory has its own carpentry. Because the interior is also built on site, Polar has full control over the production and can guarantee the best caravans on the market.

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